FIDIC training course (2014)

Design, Consultancy and Research in Structural and Civil Engineering Interprojekt d.o.o. Mostar in cooperation with Association of Consulting Engineers Bosnia and Herzegovina – ACE BH


FIDIC – Red, Pink and Yellow book”

The basics of contemporary concept of project management in civil engineering was introduced as well as FIDIC general contract conditions and guidelines for the development of particular contract conditions in accordance with the red, pink and yellow book. Various specific topics were discussed during the Seminar comprising indirect costs, reasonable profit, insurance policies, claims and variation orders, risks of project management and adjustment of prices. Seminar was divided into three modules and held according to the following schedule:

Date  Module
   Module I
19. 03. 2014. 2:00 PM (Wednesday)  Project management, general
20. 03. 2014. 2:00 PM (Thursday)  FIDIC – Red book
   Module II
26. 03. 2014. 2:00 PM (Wednesday)  Specificity of projects in structural and civil engineering and technical part of the Offer
27. 03. 2014. 2:00 PM (Thursday)  FIDIC – Pink book
   Module III
02. 04. 2014. 2:00 PM (Wednesday)  Administrating the projects in the construction phase and supervision activities
03. 04. 2014. 2:00 PM (Thursday)  FIDIC – Yellow book

The training course was intended for all participants in construction – engineers, economics, jurists and others:
• Investors and Institutions
• Designers and Supervision Body
• Constructers
Seminar leader and lecturer was Mr Faruk Dizdarević, MSc CEng, highly renowned practitioner whose biography is attached.