The international symposium comprises ten presentations prepared by leading experts in the field.
Discussion and debate time, to start with presentation of Preliminary report on Abruzzo earthquake, is provided at the end of the programme.
The official language of symposium is english with translation assistance provided for questions in local languages.
Proceedings will be published after the symposium with notification posted on the web site.


July 12

Assessment and strengthening of historical stone masonry constructions subjected to seismic actions



9.30 Introduction / welcome

Chair: M.Zlatar – S. Kelley

C. Modena
"Recent advances in the structural analysis and intervention criteria for historic stone masonry constructions subjected to seismic actions"

L. Binda
"Typological classification and investigation methodologies of historic stone masonry constructions"

W. Jäger
"The collapse analyses as a tool for verification of earthquake vulnerability of heritage buildings"

P. Roca
"Structural features and response of Gothic churches in moderate seismic regions"

11.10-11.30 Coffee Break

Chair: A.Hadrović – P. Roca

M. Hrasnica
M. Zlatar - S. Kulukčija - M. Humo

"Examples of seismic strengthening and repair of stone masonry historical buildings from Ottoman period in Bosnia and Herzegovina"

L. Fontaine
"Seismic resistance and reinforcement of low strength mortar three-leafs stone masonry wall: a Canadian retrospective of the problems and research program"

T. Hanazato
"Seismic Assessment for Restoration of Prambanan World Heritage Temples Damaged by the Central Java Earthquake of 2006, Indonesia"

12.30-15.00 Lunch

Chair: E.Mandžić – C. Modena

P. Gavrilovič
"Structural consolidations and seismic strengthening of monuments using composite (Carbon) materials"

M. Drdácký
"Comparison of retrofitting of severely damaged (heavily cracked) models of masonry by means of high performance FRP strips and anchored PP net reinforced rendering (low cost material)"

R. Langenbach
"The engineering and public policy issues raised by the claims of earthquake resistance of timber-laced masonry and timber frame/masonry infill construction"

16.00-16.30 Coffee Break

L. Marchetti
(Special Commissary of the Italian Government for Cultural Heritage in Abruzzo 2009 and Umbria Marche 1997)
L. Binda - C. Modena
"Preliminary report on damages caused to historic buildings by the Abruzzo Earthquake"

Discussion and Debate

20.00 Symposium dinner

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