Herzegovina tour starts with a short panoramic view of Mostar and proceeds with visit to Herceg Ethno Village close to town of Međugorje, known as Roman Catholic place of pilgrimage. The next two stops are the Orthodox Monastery in Žitomislić and the famous Old town of Počitelj.
The tour ends in the ancient town of Blagaj with its source of the river Buna, the Castle and Dervish house.

Herzegovina tour schedule:

9.00-9.15 Mostar panoramic view
10.15-10.45 Herceg Ethno Village
11.30-12.30 The Old Town of Počitelj
12.45-13.15 The Orthodox Monastery in Žitomislići
13.45-14.45 Lunch in Blagaj
14.45-15.05 Dervish house in Blagaj
15.30 Back in Mostar

Tour programme may be subject of minor change.


July 13

Mostar - Herceg Ethno Village Međugorje - Žitomislići - Počitelj - Blagaj



In past times many cultures and religions have left traces of their presence. The magnificent Old Bridge with old town, included in 2005 into UNESCO's List of World Cultural Heritage, with its towers, oriental shops, smells of various specialties of oriental cuisine, returns you into times of a few hundred years ago. Traces of those times can be seen in the old Bazaar, mosque or a typical Turkish house open for visits.


Herceg Ethno Village - Međugorje
Recently opened touristic complex of Herceg Ethno Village offers a presentation of many aspects of traditional way of life in this part of the country, including stone masonry houses, water mills, chapel, typical plants and vine cellar.
The Village is situated close to Međugorje, a well known Roman Catholic place of pilgrimage.


Žitomislić Monastery

Žitomislić is a monastery of the Serb Orthodox Church located near Mostar. This orthodox monastery, built in 1566 was one of the most important orthodox monasteries of Herzegovina in the 16th century, and dedicated to the Annunciation of the most holy mother of God.


This unique settlement, listed as a UNESCO heritage site and recent reconstruction has returned the town to its original form. Besides its stunning oriental architecture and Ottoman feel, Pocitelj hosts the longest operating art colony in southeast Europe. The Hadzi-Alija Mosque has been reconstructed as well as the Sisman-Ibrahimpasina medresa and the Gavran Kapetanovic house, all of which are open to visitors. The most striking object in Počitelj is the fortification tower on the top of the hill above the town. It housed watchmen and military to guard against possible invasion from the Neretva Valley.



Blagaj is situated 7km south of Mostar. Iz has a long and rich history dating form antique times and is well known of its underground karst river Buna that flows out of a 200m cliff. Unsurprisingly, the Ottoman sultan was impressed, and ordered a tekija to be built right next to the source of the river. This 16th century house was built for the Dervish cults and is still one of the most mystical places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.